How to control Anger?

Anger is just one of the several emotions indulged in an individual. For every action there is a reaction, as scientifically proven. So, its normal to react but there’s no guarantee how would your reaction come out. As a part of system, for every reaction there are hormones that gets released in your body and the deadliest emotion is anger. Anger can not only ruin a relationship between two or more individuals but also it can cause damage to your body as anger can cause high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and hypertension which isn’t a sign of healthy food. And to stay fit, it is important to pay extra attention to anger. To guide in anger management, we have come up with certain tips that can help you know about how control anger.

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Following are the tips that can help you reduce your anger;

Spot the warning signs

It’s bit difficult to control the anger when it has reached its extreme level so, it is better to work out on anger at the initial stages and for that recognizing the signs are very much essential. Signs could be like sweating, shivering, loud voice tone, defensive, constant bad mood and so on.

Work on what made you angry

Anger is a normal reaction which is fair enough to come out when something goes wrong in your life. But getting constantly anger for every tiny reason describes that you need help. So, firstly identify the reason of what is making you angry and later start thinking about how you can resolve the issues.

Count till 100

Sometimes, its better to be quiet than responding for every situation. If something is bothering you or making you feel anxious, then start counting till 100, it will give your mind to stabilize and react in a better way.


Physical activities have the potential to reduce the stress and anger level instantly as it brings in positive vibes to the mind and body. Go for a walk, run around, stretch, spend some time alone and you will definitely feel better.

Last but not least, when you are not comfortable about something that is making you anxious then its always better to write it down than storing it all in your mind. Hope, the above listed tips has given a brief about how control anger. For such more fitness related information, stay connected to us. Thank you for your time.

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