8 Warning Signs That a Stroke Is Coming On–Look for Little Things, Like Sudden Loss of Balance

4. Trouble with Seeing in One or Both Eyes

Sudden blurred vision or seeing double can also signal stroke. Stroke can damage the nerves important for vision. The nerves for each eye are close together. Most strokes affect one side of the brain. Nerves from each eye travel together in the brain, causing both eyes to be affected. This means that if the stroke damages the left brain, the vision in the right eye will also be impaired. Vision can be reduced or appear obstructed when nerve fibers that transmit vision are damaged. Double vision is a result of the nerves which move the eyes and keep them aligned are damaged.

5. Sudden Trouble Walking, Dizziness, Loss of Balance, or Coordination

Another symptom of stroke is difficulty with walking, balance, or coordination. This condition is formally known as ataxia, which occurs when the part of the brain that controls the body’s movements is damaged by stroke. The muscles needed to walk are instructed to do so by signals sent from the brain. These signals, affected by the stroke that damages the brain and nerves, have trouble reaching the limbs. This, in turn, impairs a person’s ability to walk.

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