8 Warning Signs That a Stroke Is Coming On–Look for Little Things, Like Sudden Loss of Balance

According to Caitlin Loomis, MD and Michael T. Mullen, MD, there are different areas in the brain or brainstem that could cause facial drooping or weakness when affected by stroke. When stroke occurs in the brain, it affects the mouth but not the eye or forehead. Strokes that strike the brainstem usually affect the mouth, eye, and forehead. Presenting as the entire one side of the face drooping.

2. Arm Weakness on One Side of the Body

If you notice sudden numbness or weakness in an arm, it could indicate a stroke. John Hopkins Medicine explains that the oxygen deprivation in a part of the brain that causes stroke can also cause paralysis or weakness of one or more of the muscles in the arm or shoulder. To detect stroke, doctors often ask patients to raise both of their arms. One arm drifting downward is a sign of one-sided arm weakness.

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