8 Warning Signs That a Stroke Is Coming On–Look for Little Things, Like Sudden Loss of Balance

It is important that you know these 8 early signs of a stroke so you can detect them and get help to minimize the consequences of this potentially life-threatening event. In most cases, the first three are the most obvious signs and part of 4-letter acronym F.A.S.T., warning signs recommended by the American Stroke Association to spot and know when to call 9-1-1.

1. Face Drooping

As alarming as it sounds, face drooping is a telltale sign of stroke. This is caused by facial paralysis, a condition in which one side of the face droops, feels numb, and appears uneven. This type of paralysis happens during a stroke because the nerves in the brain responsible for controlling the muscles in the face have been damaged.

The type of stroke determines what kind of damage has been done to the brain cells. The cause could be from oxygen deprivation or too much pressure on the brain from bleeding. It only takes a few minutes for brain cells to begin to die in each case.

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