Dear Emergency Room: People With Mental Illnesses Are Real Patients, Too

ER, you may think this is not true, that we are treated differently, but I can tell you from multiple experiences, it is true. From the moment our past medical history is viewed, we are treated very differently.

The other day a woman approached me, “You know,” she said, “I haven’t always had a mental illness, but because of my physical disability, I’ve been to the ER a lot.” She continued, “After I was diagnosed with depression I got treated totally differently in the ER, even though I was there for my physical disability! Can you believe that?” I could only nod, ER. I’ve experienced the same thing.

I think the problem is likely worse than to which this woman attests. I’m willing to bet those of us with mental illness — and other invisible illnesses — are not only treated more rudely — yes, in some cases, we’ve been treated downright rudely.

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