How I finally accepted my mental illness and let go of shame and resentment.

I was so ashamed of it, I didn’t want to ask for help, and that is why I knew for at least 5 years what the problem was and I still chose to suffer in it because I was afraid that — people would judge me, the medication would change me, and basically, life would be different, meaning worse.

Worse than wanting to kill yourself? Than not wanting to shower? Really?!

Now that I am “on the other side” — 3 years of treatment and I finally feel healthy and at peace with something that is not my fault and ready to take on anything — I can tell you that there’s nothing scary about treating your mental illness. If a friend doesn’t get it, whatever, you’ll get more friends.If you feel like a zombie from a certain kind of pill, whatever, you can ask your therapist for a different one. Everything is fixable… almost everything.

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