How I finally accepted my mental illness and let go of shame and resentment.

Another thing people get wrong:

Sometimes it has nothing to do with what’s going on in a person’s life, it’s not a result of unthinkable tragedy or the person’s inability to handle life’s pressures. Sometimes it’s just an illness that takes you suddenly. 

And yes, stress has an effect on mental illness, but it’s most often a conduit, a button that activates the illness, and then it doesn’t matter how well the person handled their life until then because once it’s activated, the person is SICK, and sickness has nothing to do with one’s ability to handle it.

So telling someone to “chin up, life gets better” in that moment, is pointless. In their darkest moment, they might recognize you’re right, logically, maybe, but they can do nothing about it because the sickness has taken hold.

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