8 Ways People Realized They Had Bipolar – Not ‘Just’ Depression

5. Hypergraphia, or compulsively writing a lot.

“My hypergraphia clued my doctors in. It’s not too common with bipolar disorder but once temporal lobe epilepsy was ruled out, bipolar was the next best choice.” — Shayla F.

6. Regular cycling moods or other mood swings.

“Oddly enough, someone said the fact that, regardless of what I do, I still get depressed the same time of day is an indicator. Additionally, the severity of my mood swings and the impulsivity behind them.” — Jessica H.

“The antidepressants weren’t working. They either did nothing or made things worse. And, looking back at my personal emotional history from the previous four or five years, what I had thought was just constant and severe mood swings also seemed to have a pattern.

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