8 Ways People Realized They Had Bipolar – Not ‘Just’ Depression

“My doctor kept prescribing different antidepressants. I tried about 10 different ones, and every time I would either have a bad reaction to them or have extremely elevated moods, which I later learned was hypomania.” — Lisbet F.

“A new psychiatrist realizing that my risky behavior as a teen started right after being put on an antidepressant. This realization came around 17 years later.” — Kate P.

3. Noticing unmistakable symptoms of mania.

“My impulsivity — a shopping spree, shaving my head, ending a long relationship and dying what was left of my hair pink, all in a period of fewer than two weeks. My therapist suggested it might be bipolar disorder and my psychiatrist agreed.” — Madison G.

“I had thoughts about it after I came down from a manic period. I looked over my text messages and noticed the multiple texts where I was unable to get all my thoughts in one message. I had an empty bank account and a bunch of useless stuff, a lot less sleep and a few other things.

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