8 Ways People Realized They Had Bipolar – Not ‘Just’ Depression

I was hospitalized and the doctor treating me realized right away that my symptoms had pointed all along to a bipolar diagnosis.” — Lilly M.

“I had a severe mental breakdown. Was admitted to a psychiatric ward and after using SSRIs went into an extremely intense manic state. I was first diagnosed with bipolar 2. After using meds for two years and being extremely treatment resistant on all of them, I was diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar 1 with psychotic features. Now my life is a daily struggle and I wish I could just cope.” — Dominique M.

2. A severe reaction to antidepressants.

“They prescribed me with two different SSRI medications over the course of a year and a half and kept upping my dosage when I complained about strange side effects. I went from severely depressed to ambitious to a full-blown erratic mess. Now I’m rapid cycling for the rest of my life.” — Cassandra L.

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