11 Visible Signs That Provide Evidence of an ‘Invisible’ Illness.

Chronic illnesses are frustrating because they’re invisible. We look healthy, yet the pain under our skin can be excruciating. But is pain ever fully invisible? Painkillers can help mask the evidence, but for those with chronic pain, they provide minimal relief.

If you pay enough attention, you will notice the little clues. Imprints of pain that the owner tried to conceal, but there’s always a little something left behind. Maybe it’s the dark eyebags or bloodshot eyes. Or perhaps it’s the cracked lips, swollen fingers or bloated tummy. You know, the areas of someone’s body that you don’t pay much attention to. We tend to only notice the overall shape or wellness.

Maybe it’s the look of permanent fatigue that you’ve presumed is their normal appearance. Or the remnant wounds from some skin irritation that never seem to heal. Or the minute actions we repeat, such as rubbing our bellies, squinting, or shaking our wrists. It’s there.

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