My Chronic Pain Is So Much More Than ‘Just’ Pain

Try to imagine that you don’t already have a definition for the word “pain” in your mind. People often hear, or see, that word and will immediately think of pain they’ve experienced. This is where the problem begins with the average person trying to understand pain from a chronic condition.

There are different types of pain. There is the mental/emotional pain that everyone experiences in different forms, which has a whole world of complications and depth that some people aren’t even capable of imagining, or understanding. Then, there is physical pain, which can also come in many forms, and be very hard for the average person to understand.

Both types of pain can range from mild, where it causes discomfort, to severe, where it can encompass your entire consciousness and cause your mind, or body, to shut down. In this piece, I’m focusing on explaining the physical pain of living with my chronic conditions.

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