These 5 Things Are Making Your Asthma Worse

If you’ve been hacking away more than usual lately, it’s possible that your usual asthma medications aren’t to blame. While your inhaler is an important go-to when the wheezing hits, there’s more to asthma than what the doctor prescribed.A healthy approach to asthma avoidance means being aware of the environmental and lifestyle factors that make it worse. Elements such as exercise, pollen, animals and certain textiles can all contribute to making your asthma worse.

So in your quest to give those overworked lungs a much-needed vacation, here are five things that are making your asthma worse… and how to avoid them.

1. Stress

Stress has long been associated with asthma, but most asthmatics tend to forget just how central a role it plays in worsening the condition. You’re probably occasionally reminded of this in times of turmoil — like a particularly tense meeting at work, arguments with loved ones or bumper to bumper traffic. Then, all of a sudden, your asthma flares up out of nowhere and has you reaching for the meds.

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