10 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Growing Into The Best Version Of Yourself

1. You literally feel uncomfortable.

It’s a sure sign that you are experiencing a period of change if you actually encounter some physical, emotional, and/or mental discomfort. When you’re floating along in the same old stagnant state, it feels better. It’s familiar and easy. The challenge is to embrace the discomfort because you know that it means something necessary and ultimately positive is happening.

2. You realize things about yourself that you could never see before.

Suddenly, through meditation, journaling, self-study, and whatever else works for you, revelations appear unbidden. Problems that puzzled you for years unfold before your eyes and you can’t believe you never understood before. The magic of changing for the better lies in the unraveling of the tangled webs of your life. It doesn’t feel great. Sometimes you see the ugliness in yourself too… but there’s no better way to initiate growth.

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