Some Unknown Facts on Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia is one of the very unusual phobias or fears that human being suffers when they are in the open space. Open space here does not mean that this phobia is just the opposite of claustrophobia i.e. fear from close space like in the lift. Here open space means a person who suffers from Agoraphobia has a fear to be in a crowded place like public transport or public places like shopping malls or social gatherings, in other words we can say that leaving the comfortable environment of one’s home leads to this kind of panic attack. Agoraphobia is a subset of panic disorder.

The term Agoraphobia has been coined from the Greek work “Ayopá” meaning gathering place and phobia meaning fear. Agoraphobia is more of a psychological disorder rather than physical disorders. The person has a disability of this disorder goes through an enormous amount of stress when they are in situations which will trigger their panic.

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