Symptoms of Stroke in Women: How to Identify a Stroke and Seek Help

Is stroke common in women?

About 800,000 Americans have a stroke each year. A stroke occurs when a blood clot or a ruptured vessel cuts off blood flow to your brain. Every year, approximately 140,000 people die from stroke-related complications. This includes developing blood clots or catching pneumonia.

Although men are more likely to have a stroke, women have a higher lifetime risk. Women are also more likely to die from a stroke.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1 in 5 American women will have a stroke, and nearly 60 percent will die from the attack. Stroke is the third leading cause of death for American women.

There are many reasons why women are more likely to have a stroke: Women live longer than men, and age is another important risk factor for stroke. They’re more likely to have high blood pressure. Pregnancy and birth control also increase a woman’s risk of stroke.

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