I Am A Young Stroke Survivor. Here’s What This Experience Has Taught Me.

I reach my left hand into the bowl of cereal and pinch a few flakes with my fingers. Now bring them up to your mouth, Aly. Into your mouth, not your ear. Success! Repeat, repeat. To someone watching, I look like I’m just a little slow and weak. But inside my head I’m working through a multitude of steps to get that cereal in my mouth.

This is my new normal. Fuck this new normal.

A Normal Sunday

I had a good little Sunday planned. Go to the office for a bit, then rock climbing gym with Matt and the girls, then to the airport for a 24-hour business trip to LA. I was in my car at 9:00 that morning. Going to get gas, then fill a prescription, then to the office. I was barely half a mile from my house when I felt strangely dizzy. I knew something was wrong, so I quickly pulled over.

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