6 Ways to Support an Autism Family

Autism can be a tricky disability because it isn’t easily understood. It isn’t always obvious. It presents differently in each person and the symptoms and behaviors can change from day to day. You don’t need to be a behavior expert or psychiatrist to support a family with an autistic member. Here are some ways you can support an autism family, even if you have no knowledge of autism. Honestly, these are just great ways to support a young family, disability or not.

1. Ask questions.

This shows you are interested in learning more. As a parent of an autistic child, I welcome sincere questions asked with the intent to gain more knowledge about my daughter. The more you know about her and how autism functions in our family, the more comfortable my husband and I are in your company. It shows that you are truly invested in our success. We often feel on pins and needles in environments outside of our home because there is so much to manage and we often feel judged by people who don’t understand why we don’t sit down and chat or are constantly monitoring our daughter. It’s so much easier to be around people who understand why we are doing what we are doing. Even better if they’re able to step in and help. Acceptance is one of the biggest challenges we face, and knowledge is the only way to combat it.

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