7 Things Everyone With Asthma Needs to Know

Asthma is a complicated disease that requires you to understand what triggers your symptoms so you can avoid the things that may exacerbate it. Moreover, you must monitor your disease and be able to follow a detailed action plan to keep asthma symptoms at bay. So, here are seven important tasks to do that will help you achieve good control of your asthma:

1.Understand Asthma Pathophysiology

Many patients do not understand the pathophysiology of asthma or why their doctors prescribe different medications as part of their treatment. When your asthma worsens, three primary changes take place in your lungs that make your airways smaller:

  1. Increased mucus production—Mucus production leads to irritation and inflammation. It clogs and narrows your airways, leading to the production of more symptoms.
  2. Inflammation and swelling—Asthma triggers lead to swelling of the airways in response to whatever is causing your asthma attack.
  3. Muscle tightening—Smooth muscles tighten in response to an asthma attack and narrow the airways, making it harder to breathe.

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